Supported Gamepads

Below are the list of gamepads supported by the DS4Windows Tool. You can use any of the below mentioned controllers and map the controls effortlessly to play all your favorite pc games. All the below listed controllers are compatible with remappable virtual X Box 360, DualShock 4 Gamepad, Dualsense Gamepad emulation by the DS4Windows tool.

We have clearly mentioned about the gamepads and ds4win supported versions in the below table. But you need to note that the version that we have mentioned under “Supported DS4Windows Version” is the initially supported version. Which means nothing but the gamepads are compatible from the mentioned version to the current latest version.

Name Of The GamepadDS4Windows VersionImportant Information
DualShock 4 (DS4) v.11.4.53First forked version released
DualShock 4 (DS4) v.2 1.4.53The support was added in the original ds4win by Jay2Kings (1st developer of the tool)
DualShock 3 (DS3)2.2.10Must use the DsHidMini driver and in DS4Windows Mode for it to work
DualSense / DualShock 5 (DS5)2.1.17Initial support with wireless Rumble and bluetooth
Razer Raiju1.4.99
Hori PS4 Mini controller 1.4.119
Sony Wireless Adapter1.4.53The support was added in the original ds4win by Jay2Kings (1st developer of the tool)
PS4 Fun Controller1.7.4
Razer Raiju Tournament Edition1.7.8
Razer Raiju Ultimate1.7.9
Steel Play Metaltech P4 gamepad (wired)1.7.17
Hori Fighting Commander1.7.20
Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro1.7.20
Nacon Revolution Pro v31.7.23
Nacon Revolution Infinite1.7.26
Astro C40 2.1.4
Specialist PS4 controllers2.1.6Three Specialist controllers without identification were added in this version
SnakeByte Gamepad2.1.8
Switch Pro2.1.16
Switch JoyCon2.1.17
Gioteck VX42.2.2
Xbox Elite Series 2Currently Not Supported
Xbox Core ControllerCurrently Not Supported
Xbox Adaptive ControllerCurrently Not Supported

How To Connect & Use DualShock 3 / DS3

  • Download DsHidMini Driver from the above link. Install it on your personal computer. Read this guide to Install DsHidMini driver on your personal computer.
  • Now, if you have already installed DS4Win, launch it. Otherwise, you should first download and install it by going to the above link.
  • Now, download BthPS3 from the above link and install it on your pc. It is a very important tool to connect your DS3 / PlayStation 3 Controller to your PC through bluetooth connection.¬†Read this guide where a step by step procedure of installing BthPS3 software on your pc is explained.
  • Connect your DualShock 3 / DS3 (PlayStation 3 Controller) to your personal computer using bluetooth connection.
dshidmini interface
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  • Launch the DsHidMini Control interface on your personal computer.
  • Click the “PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller” to view the device details on the right hand side of the tool.
  • Choose DS4Windows for the HID Device Mode option. You can find this option at the end of the device details list.
  • Rumble works good but not very well since the small motor has only one strength level.
  • You can control the LEDs of your DualShock 3 controller by settings the correct lightbar colors.
  • Pressure sensitive buttons are not supported.
  • Motion related functions are not supported.
  • Your pc must be having Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR or higher version is required for the wireless connection between the DS3 Controller and DS4Win.

How To Connect & Use DualShock 4 / DS4

  • Connect your DualShock 4 to your computer through Bluetooth connection. It requires Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR or higher version for the wireless connection to work.
  • Integrated headphone jack and speaker will not work when the controller is connected to pc through a wireless connection.
  • The headphone jack can only be used wirelessly if the DualShock 4 Controller is connected via Sony’s Official DualShock 4 Wireless USB Adapter.
  • All the remaining features of the DS4 controller will work through the wireless connection.
  • Apart from the Bluetooth USB Adapter, the headphone jack can also be connected through an USB Connection but only works with the DS4v2 (native gamepad fuction which is unrelated to the DS4Windows).
  • So, launch the DS4Win tool and start playing the pc games of your choice, like a pro.

How To Connect & Use DualSense / DualShock 5 (DS5)

  • In order to be able to use DualSense / DualShock 5 with your pc, your pc must have Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR or above.
  • Rumble works as normal and the advance rumble effects are not available.
  • Dualsense supports adaptive triggers but with some limitations. You cannot expect the advanced adapative triggers as of now.
  • Microphone and the headphone jack can only be used through a wired USB connection (It is a native Dualsense function which is not related to DS4Windows tool).
  • All the remaining features of the dualsense controller are working properly.
  • Connect the DualShock 5 (DS5) to your personal computer through USB or Bluetooth connection.
  • Launch the DS4Win tool, make sure that you have installed all required drivers.
  • Now, create a profile and add required settings in the profile or choose the existing profile.
  • Select the game and start playing like you play in the PlayStation.

Joycon Controllers / Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Below are the details about the supporting and non-supporting features.

  • As always, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR or higher version is required to establish the connection between your pc and the joycon controller.
  • NFC is not supported currently.
  • LEDs feature such as lighting effects cannot be controlled now.
  • Rumble works as normal but the HD Rumble is not used.
  • Motion sensors are supported currently.
  • Both Joined and Split modes are available to use (available for Joycon controllers and not for pro controllers).
  • It is way more difficult to play games that make use of the analog triggers because the ZR and ZL are just buttons and not the triggers.

Important Information About Non-Supported Controllers

There are some brands that produce replicas of the original controllers. Those type of controllers are not supported by the DS4W tool. There are various reasons behind that theory and we have listed down few of them.

  • VID/PID is a very important element for any device because the VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) contails crucial information about the tool. Whenever they both match with the list of supporting VIDs/PIDs by DS4Windows, the replicas will work like a charm.
  • So, whenever those tools doesn’t made as replicas of the famouse controllers but made to be just forks, they won’t be able to pair up with the DS4W tool due to the fact that mismatching VID and PID.

In order to allow all the non-supported controllers to work with the DS4Win tool, there should be a lot of changes to the supporting VID/PID list. Which is a tough job becuase each product will have a different set of Vendor ID and Product ID and in some cases, some of the controllers will not have those details. So, you won’t be able to use them until and unless they are the exact replica of the original controller.