Download DS4Windows By Ryochan7 [v3.3.3]

Ryochan7 is the current developer and owner of the tool DS4Windows. Actually, the tool was initially developed by another developer named “Jays2Kings” but later on, he stopped maintaining it for whatever unknown reasons. But the current developer is very active in terms of providing updated versions to users and solving user issues, etc.

Before you Download DS4Windows on your pc from this website, let me tell you few important points about it. The download links were taken from the developer’s github handle. If you are downloading it from our site means you are actually downloading it from the developer’s source. The files of the tool that you download from our site 100% unaltered and unchanged and they are safe as well.

Complete Details That You Should Know

App NameDS4Windows
Current Versionv3.3.3
File Size3.66 MB
Download File & .7z
Controller File Type.exe
Supported OSWindows 11/10/8.1/7
Suitable Architecture32 / 64 / 86 Bit
Requirements.NET Runtime
Last UpdatedToday

Download DS4Windows | .Net Runtime | ViGEmBus / 360 Driver / HidHide / FakerInput Driver

Starting from it’s launch few years back, we have seen various different versions with a lot of UI improvements and betterments in the features. The developer Ryochan7 have come up this time with DS4Windows 3.3.3 with Absolute Mouse Output Control support, etc. If you want to make use of the new features, you should download the DS4 Tool, Drivers and other important tools.

Version 3.2.13 ChangeLog:

  • Vietnamese language is added with the contribution from taolatao147.
  • Profile switch notifications for the Auto Profile System are added now.
  • Added the implicit default theme logic to cope up with the default app theme change.
  • The default ds4 app theme change based on the windows app color settings is now available.
  • Reminder Cutoff for the Touchpad Mouse and Gyro Mouse is now available from v3.2.13.
  • Added a string to show Prevent lock recursion in OutputSlotManager if ViGEmFailure is encountered.
  • Extra attribution for the DsHidMini project in the first launch window is now available in the updated version of the DS4.
  • The earlier missed JoyCon controls for the Special Actions Unload Triggers are added now.
  • FirstLaunchUtilWindow is now added in this update.
  • The FirstLaunchUtilWindow is now used to specify which devices the mapper should actually read / detect.
  • Performance is improved a lot in this update.
  • Resource workaround in project file to remove the add files system is now added and it is working properly.

Version 3.2.12 ChangeLog:

  • Finnish translation is added with the contribution by eemijun.
  • Enhanced prevention methods to help stop crash when the profiles list is empty.
  • German translation is updated with the contribution by PaulWentzel.
  • Wait period after resume is now reduced to 5 seconds and it may be changed in the coming updates.
  • Different methods to find the HidHide location has been changed.
  • A new way to adjust the JoyCon stick axis ranges based on the initial axis coordinates is added.
  • The DS3 Support not being able to enable is now fixed with the contribution from the SunnyQeen.
  • RS stick calibration parsing for the JoyCon and Switch Pro Controllers is now fixed and it is working smoothly without generating any errors and issues.

Version 3.2.11 ChangeLog:

  • Increased the wait period in the resume routine.
  • Restoring of the windows position and size on the multiple monitor systems is now fixed with the contribution from Kurtanr.
  • French translation is now updated with the contribution from the EnzoChaussivert.
  • The FakerInputDll.dll files with file write flag fix is now updated and you won’t get any kind of errors with respect to the FakerInput Dll file and it’s associate files.
  • Jitter compensation to the Gryo Mouse Joystick is now added.
  • The resume method has got task logging feature.
  • The DS3 device support become optional and it has been separated from the DS4 controller support.
  • HidHide installer link is updated to the latest version
  • Changed the boundary check for the main window placement on startup screen.
  • Support from the non-DS4 controllers is enhanced.
  • Got some minor changes to the AppData folder for better performance.
  • Lowered the Joycon LS X – boundary when there is no user calibration.

Version 3.2.10 ChangeLog:

  • Suspend and Resume routine have got some changes.
  • Extra exception handling for the tray notification failure is added now.
  • Custom LED Mode is now fixed with the contribution from the MatrixDJ96.
  • Some OSC translation strings are added with the contribution by the xAdler.
  • OSC trigger control is added with the contribution by the xAdler.
  • Changed the way how the macros were saved from binding the window.
  • Don’t rest the shift trigger is enhanced.
  • Open device options with null options crases are now fixed with the contribution from the SunnyQeen.
  • Jitter compensation routine for the Gyro Mouse is now added.
  • OSC monitoring message interpreting is added successfully after a lot of trials; contributed again by xAdler.
  • Additional mapping checks in the ProfileDTO MapFrom routine is added now.
  • The InterpretingOscMonitoring option is now added with the contribution by the xAdler.
  • Horipad 4 FPS support is added with the contribution from the markguleno.
  • The usage of DetermineConnectionType in the PostInit of the DS3Device is now added with the contribution by the SunnyQeen.

Version 3.2.9 ChangeLog:

  • Extra locking for the LoggerHolder is added.
  • Logging is added when the reading of the Actions.xml fails to perform it’s job.
  • Support to Playmax PS4 Controller is added with the contribution by nzgamer41.
  • Italian translation is updated with the contribution by Markthat.
  • DualSense Edge input support such as FnL, FnR, BLP, BRP is added with the contribution by steffalon.
  • LS & RS Vertical Scale max is increased to 4.0.
  • LSVerticalScale and RSVerticalScale will now save the values > 1.0 and this feature is added with the contribution by Katalysta.
  • Subtype property for the DualSenseDevice class is added in this ds4win 3.2.9 update.
  • DualShock 3 (DS3) support using DsHidMini driver (SXS) or Sony Sixaxis driver is added now with the contribution by the SunnyQeen.
  • Outer Bounds issue when  using smoothing for the 360 Gyro Steering is now fixed completely.
  • Changing of the Trigger Effect issue while switching the profiles with the dualsense controllers is now fixed completely.
  • Checking for the string legth from the HidD_GetSerialNumberString call from the possible invalid response from the hardware is added for the extra layer of safety support.
  • COMException catching when adding the hook for the power events is now added.
  • The message regarding the Middle Mouse Button closing the app in tray menu is now removed. Windows 11 will no longer support this feature currently and in future too.
  • Anti-Dead zone interpretation for the 360 Gyro Steering stick output is fixed completely and the same applies to the Xbox 360, DualShock 4 output but not for VJoy.
  • Processing of Delay tags for the Actions.xml is changed now.

Version 3.2.8 ChangeLog:

  • Update to grab the firmware information for the DualSense Controller.
  • Extra precuations were added while disconnecting from the FakerInput.
  • Initial DualSense Edge Support is added with the contribution by dezerving.
  • Saving of options for the Macro special action problem is fixed.
  • Enforce en-Us values for the custom bezier curve string is no longer available and it has been removed permanently.
  • Loading of Gyro Mouse Joystick Trigger eval condition is fixed now.
  • Tray icon has been created right before showing the notification.
  • Shift modifier key type saving has been simplified.
  • zh-cn translation is updated now with the contribution by jyc001.

Version 3.2.7 ChangeLog:

  • Press Key special action regarding the Toggle Status has been fixed now.
  • Press key special action KeyType to reflect Toggle Status is now changed as it was not working in v3.2.
  • Fixed loading of the Unload Trigger for Load Profile special action in the tool.

Version 3.2.6 ChangeLog:

  • Bindings for the Shift button are fixed now.
  • Issues with macro actions are fixed now.
  • Issues with the Key Type and Trigger assignments for the shift actions are fixed completely.

Version 3.2.5 ChangeLog:

  • Some of the default values for the app settings are fixed now.
  • Checks and validations for some extra app settings is done.
  • Re-established some of the app settings defaults.
  • Set AbsRegionDisplay to empty string by default

Version 3.2.4 ChangeLog:

  • Launch Program Special Actions Arguments related loading problem is fixed now.

Version 3.2.3 ChangeLog:

  • Issues with Shift Modifier Trigger such as saving and loading are fixed now.

Version 3.2.2 ChangeLog:

  • Special actions of Press Key and Macro are fixed.
  • Saving of Launch Program special action is fixed now.
  • Small bugs and connectivity issues fix.

Version 3.2.1 ChangeLog:

  • Serialization of special actions fix.
  • Saving of special actions to Actions.xml file is fixed.
  • Delay time usage of some of the special action types is fixed now.
  • Fixed wait period offset for the automatically added wait times in the macro editor.

Version 3.2.0 ChangeLog:

  • Default value of UseLang (Use Language) in App Settings DTO is fixed.
  • Gyro Mouse Toggle profile settings are fixed and upgraded.
  • Russian translation is updated with the contribution by V-Olk.
  • Nintendo Switch Pro init is improved for some better performance.
  • Bump NLog from v5.1.0 to v5.1.1.
  • Addition of Simple Haptic Dirty Flag feature.
  • Added “Reset DS4State” while removing the Joycon Controller devices.
  • Hue changing for the lightbar rainbow mode is improved a lot.
  • References to the Swedish locale assembly are updated.
  • Tweaked JoyCon base init.
  • Note for/about the stick rotation settings updated.
  • Gyro Triggers such as Side L and Side R were updated.
  • Changes to rainbow label.
  • Fix to value accting only lightness level and not saturation effect in the rainbow mode.
  • Enhancements to the device type set for the JoyCon Controller Options.
  • Some build changes to the bundle custom Nefarius.Utilities.DeviceManagement.
  • You can check few more changes in this version on the github page of the developer.

Version 3.1.2 ChangeLog:

  • Fix to RS outer binding.
  • Fix to bad copy paste for the Side R control value in the special actions instances.
  • Removed the old DS4 BT (Bluetooth) output counter workaround because it is only used when using the control endpoint.
  • Some DualSense rumble settings are moved into Profiles with the contribution by the Kanuan.
  • NuGet packages are updated now.
  • H.NotifyIcon.Wpf and MdXaml and NLog and System.Management are updated now.

Version 3.1.1 ChangeLog:

  • Workflows for the issue moderation automation is added with the contribution by Nefarius.
  • Post social link in the About window is added in this version.
  • The rsync ingore rules for the default translation assemblies are fixed now.
  • The DS4 BT (Bluetooth) output support is now reverted back to using the output report 0x11.
  • Updates to the traditional chinese assembly is done with the contribution by Syaoran.
  • Removed the use of old ControlService busThread support.
  • Snap to center Y axis coordiate for the control abs mouse is fixed now.
  • Fix to the Loading of language assemblies from the Lang (Language) folder.

Version 3.1.10 ChangeLog:

  • Added Mouse Instance null check feature while performing PreLoadReset before the Profile Loading happens.
  • Bindable Controls has got Absolute Mouse Output support.
  • The references to the BitTube channel is removed now.
  • Dependencies has got a new feature called WpfScreenHelper NuGet package.
  • Now, you can use absolute mouse region display coordinate translation for the Touchpad abs mouse.
  • References to the MemoryMappedViewAccessor for cmd interface has been removed now.
  • Support for Snappier app has been added for the Absolute Mouse Output Control.

Download DS4Windows Old Versions for PC

We have listed down all the working old versions in the table above. There are a lot more older versions in the developer’s official github handle and you can go there and check them out.